Gerardo Debbink General 
Director and Founder


Gerardo Debbink, a former Canadian dairy farmer, relocated to Mexico in 1988, and has yet to leave. Gerardo has been apart of many community development projects including working with Campesinos (subsistence farmers), women’s organizations in Cuernavaca, and coordinating groups for Canadian and United States participants. He was the co-author of “Cows for Campesinos,” a chapter within Nurtured by Knowledge: Learning to do Participatory Action Research by Smith, Willms, and Johnson, and worked on participatory action research projects conducted in the rural villages of Mexico. Gerardo founded Quest Mexico in 2001 as an avenue for giving a voice to the voiceless. 
As the General Director of Quest Mexico, Gerardo maintains trusted community relationships, and works side by side with Program Directors in the overall management and administration of Quest Mexico.  

Sofia Cortes Diaz  Quest Head Housing Coordinator 

Sofia Cortes Diaz 
Quest Head Housing Coordinator 

As the Head Housing Coordinator at Quest, Sofia is responsible for organizing Quest Housing Staff, maintaining the Quest House, and ensuring that all Quest visitors enjoy a comfortable stay. 
Sofia has been contributing to the Quest mission since 2001, and enjoys interacting with visiting groups. Sofia is a native of Cuernavaca, and is very active in the local community. She is a strong supporter and activist for the Cuernavaca Susan G. Kolman Race For the Cure. 

Viviana Villadares
Quest Housing Staff  

Quest Mexico is known for it’s delicious and local cuisine thanks to Viviana.  As the lead kitchen staff, she is responsible for the preparation of food, and management of all kitchen operations.  Viviana is a native of Cuernavaca, and spends a lot of her time raising her two children.  Viviana loves to interact with visiting students, and has a goal of learning English.