Quest Mexico believes that true education liberates students from the oppression of existing authorities. For us, the art of teaching is not the transfer of ideas from teacher to student, but the creation of moments in which students make their own discoveries. We assist this discovery by arranging encounters, presenting our students with people, situations, and stories which challenge previously held assumptions about work, about poverty, about consumption, about faith, about joy. Through these encounters participants become authors of their own lives, critically examining their previously held assumptions and rewriting their futures with a new commitment to just living.

At Quest Mexico you will meet people to hear their stories; we will visit people in their homes and places of work or worship; and we will travel to rural villages, archeological sites, and other distant locations. 
People you will meet are social justice and environmental activists; educators; refugees; those who have experienced poverty, racism, sexism and oppression; student, labor and community leaders; and community workers. 

Program themes centre on social justice and peace, and may include matters of gender, race, class, sexuality, economics, and ecology. 

Safety for participants as well as respect for the people we visit is our primary concern. We strive to achieve a balance between content; group processing and free time.

Quest Mexico can create a program suitable to any group. It's main objectives are:

- To recognize that building and sustaining community is necessary 
for social change;
- To discover the human faces of poverty;
- To recognize the own interdependence; the world-wide consequences 
of personal and governmental decisions;
- To understand and value different cultures and to critically examine 
their own;
- To return to their own communities as inspired agents of change.