At Quest Mexico you will meet people to hear their stories; we will visit people in their homes and places of work or worship; and we will travel to rural villages, archeological sites, and other distant locations. 
People you will meet are social justice and environmental activists; educators; refugees; those who have experienced poverty, racism, sexism and oppression; student, labor and community leaders; and community workers. 

Program themes centre on social justice and peace, and may include matters of gender, race, class, sexuality, economics, and ecology. 

Safety for participants as well as respect for the people we visit is our primary concerns. We strive to achieve a balance between content; group processing; and free time.

***Please note that programs can also be done in the city of Puebla.*** Contact for more info.



- Quest Mexico participants will engage in intercultural dialogue and discover the human faces of poverty through direct encounters with the people.
- Participants will move beyond individualistic behaviour, recognizing and experiencing the values of building and sustaining community necessary for social change.
- Each participant will begin to understand and value different cultures, critically examine their own, and challenge practices that support inequality. 
- Quest Mexico empowers participants to return to their communities as inspired agents of change, working for social transformation on a personal and collective level.

Types of Programs

We offer tailor-made events from 5 days to 4 months, although we recommend 14 days. Depending on your area of interest, we arrange direct encounters with people with whom we have a trusting relationship. If possible, we arrange these encounters through community cooperatives. We pay these organizations, thereby empowering their members and enabling sustainable community development. We do not 'put people on display'. We have worked hard to form just and equal relationships with all our partners.
We invite high schools, college and university students, and faculty; faith groups; and anyone else concerned with human rights, social justice, human or environmental exploitation to join us.

We can also integrate a mission into the program. Some youth groups choose to have a building project or other service project incorporated into their Quest Mexico program. Let know if you are interested in this.


Early registration is encouraged to ensure your choice of dates. 

- All meals are included, as well as picnic lunches when we are at a distance. 
- Registration includes any part days at the start and end of the trip. 
We recommend a 10-14 day schedule and would be happy to work with you, through email, to firm up all details.
- The only things not included in the above cost are "social and souvenir" costs and admission to museum and cultural events.

Prices upon request. Questions and/or to Schedule a Quest Mexico Program – PLEASE contact the Quest Program Director. We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have about any aspect of Quest. We believe that transparency is critical to the ongoing health of an organization and welcome your feedback at any level.